Growling Growling Now!

EXO Growl Acoustic English Lyric Cover By Silv3rT3ar


Yo! Okay, Sexy

Not sure what happenin’ now, I’m warning you

It’s getting dangerous

You better stop provoking me now

You better leave now


Boy when you walk close to me

I get flustered and I can’t breathe

Our eyes meet, you smile at me

As if you are also drawn to me


Darkness starts to cloud my eyes

Everything is gone you are all that I see

With just one look you’ve got me going crazy


Wanna take you somewhere new

Where no one else can see you

I feel something rising It’s uncontrollable

Like a whirlpool



Now dark shadows are woken inside of me

When I look at you flames are all I see

I’m warning you back away you better flee

If you don’t leave him I’m getting angry


I’m growling growling growling now

I’m growling growling growling now

I’m growling growling growling now

And if you don’t back away girl, I’m gonna hurt you


My gaze is like a blade

But no need to be afraid

Please tell me about you oh

I just wanna know you baby


Please stay right where you are baby

Keep looking at me don’t leave me

Trust me when I say I won’t let

You go (stop) aesily~


The light that shines through the fog

Everyone’s looking in awe

I look right into your eyes

And my heart beat speeds up


Just lika an alarm boy~






Another girls lookin’ at my man

But that’s just how perfect you are my man

I wanna hold you and never let go

Why can’t I stop myself anymore I don’t know


I’ll be the last one who standing and  I’ll win his heart

So step away there’ll be no flirting on your part

If you really want him, girl then you’ll have to win

Why don’t you just give up now your chances are really thin


Let’s erase everything but us

We can be alone

Let’s stay together, us forever

Here just you and me~~


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