My English Speech about KPOP

K-pop Fever

Ladies and gentlemen, to open our topic today let me tell you about what is The Korean Wave actually. The Korean Wave (Hallyu) refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korea entertainment and culture. And one of the popular Korean entertainmnet is K-pop. K-pop or known as Korean Pop is a new music genre that was originally come from South Korea, Asian. Some say K-pop offer another style of music which has catch ear and easy listening songs for their lover. What makes it different is the style of the singer has shown is something new for us and how they can deliver music on their own way that I believe none of the music history ever existed before.
Just like how they could mix perfectly between the upbeat songs with various kinds of dancing and obviously with their good looking actresses who will make anyone who watch it will fall for them.
Just like a fever it can infects people from one to another with no boundary. Teenage, adults, woman, man even kids could be one of its victims. This “ fever” will cause the victims trying to infect it to others, spontaneous dancing, extended day dreaming, and hearing music all day. If you had those kinds of symptoms I would not probably ask you to see the doctor and drink some medicine. Should be emphasized that this kind of “disease” won’t cause any illness to the victims.
Even this phenomenon has spreading quickly in their victims, none of them are trying to cure it. They prefer to infect, to contaminate this “virus” to their closest person so they have friends to share with and that’s how K-pop fever has been a new epidemic and could spread fastly in our country.
Ladies and gentlemen, Korean Pop isn’t just being a new music genre for Indonesian music lover but also give a little touch in fashion style and even habit. Because when someone likes it they won’t stop exploring about the latest update of Korean Pop until they got bored by the time. Not everyone’s suffering this fever, there are still many people out there who don’t feel any interest in joining the euphoria of Korean wave. It’s all about favor.
We have many things that we can learn from the existence of Korean wave in Indonesia. K-pop is “morally clean” because it doesn’t have any sexual or drug-related content in the music. Most of the songs are sung about puppy-love and breaking-up, which is quite innocent compared to American music nowadays. And then, how South Korea could raise up from its darkest age with it’s industrial sector that of course was being introduced well with their entertainment side. South Korea actually wasn’t a very welfare country like nowadays, but since they are really focused in developing their industrial sector they could make it. Until South Korea is famous with its entertainment and how the entertainment also have a contribution for it. I think that you already have more information about K-pop now. Thank you for your attention.

Suharti, XII IPA 4

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