Korean Introduction


o 1
Introducing yourself in Korean isn’t difficult but may require some practice. Try to practice speaking smoothly. I advise you to look up some youtube clips and watch how they speak.
The most common greeting in Korea.
Hello/How are you (formal): Ahn Nyoung Ha Sae Yo.
Hello (in-formal): Ahn Nyoung
o 2
After saying hello, if you’d like to introduce yourself by telling your name
My name is… (formal): Jeh ie rum un (NAME) ip ni da.
My name is… (informal): Neh ie rum un (NAME) ie la go heh.

o 3
My age is…(formal): Jeh na ie nun (number)ip ni da.
*View my article on Korean numbers
o 4
Good morning: Jo un ah chim!
Goodbye (formal and if the people you are the one leaving): Ahn nyung he geh seh yo.
Goodbye (formal and if you’re staying and the people are leaving): Ahn nyung he ga seh yo.
Goodbye (informal): Jal gah.

• 안녕하세요? [ an-nyeong-ha-se-yo ] – Hello?
• 저는 마이클이에요. [ jo-neun-ma-i-keul-i-e-yo ] – I am Michael.
• 미국 사람이에요. [ mi-guk-sa-ram-i-e-yo ] – I am American.
• 제 고향은 시카고예요. [ je-go-hyang-eun-si-ka-go-ye-yo ] – My hometown is Chicago.
• 저는 학생이에요. [ jo-neun-hak-saeng-i-e-yo ] – I am a student.
• 제 전공은 경제학 이에요. [ je-jeon-gong-eun-gyeong-je-hak-i-e-yo ] – My major is Economics.
• 만나서 반가워요. [ man-na-seo-ban-ga-wo-yo ] – Nice to meet you.


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