My Hortatory Exposition Text


Make up has become a personal needs, especially for women comunity. As we know, make up growth rapidly. It been more colourful. And the make up user extend untill reach bigger number, not just female class, but also the teeneger and male person. Fashion style also take a big part in our appearance. Many kind of fashion style make the followers easier to choose which style that they want. And if we want to up to date our fashion style, we just search it in magazine, tv, or browsing. Finally, make up and fashion style can raise up our confidence.

To apply make up on our face it needs a skill and a little bit art-touching. So make sure you have learnt how to put make up correctly. Try to adjust the make up with your face condition. If you do one mistake on our make up process, you may have made a different way that make your face look oddly. So many stuff that can make you to be preety and fresh-look. There’s circle lens, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, foundation, false lashes, and korean make up secret, BB Cream. Circle lens can make your eyes look bigger and dolly eyes-look alike. To get the dolly eyes- look use just the biggest size, it’s 16 mm.

And then there’s two types of make up. First, Natural make up. This type of make up only use thin layer make up. And it’s easy to do, only use natural eyeliner technic, eyeshadow, concealer and lipstick. The second is bold make up. It more difficult and hard, because this make up technic use many stuff. Besides use natural make up stuff, bold make up also use foundation, false lashes, eyelid glue.

Because it can be more difficult to do, cause you have not skills or it’s the first time you put make up on your face, you may need a make up tutorial. But don’t worry friend, you haven’t going to make up stylist or other famous salon. There’s a simple way to get make up tutorial. How can ? you can get it from internet. From example, Dailymotion and Youtube. Many Youtuber have made many kind of tutorial; piano tutorial, dances tutorial, hairstyle, and make up tutorial. It’s easy solution and absolutely, many kind of make up available completely. Korean make up, American make up, Japanese make up and etc. And if you wanna get make up tutorial in any format (Gif, JPEG) you just search it on web browser. So, it posible to up to date your make up easily.

Lastly, by putting make up on our face, besides can raise up our confidence, make up also reflect our indifiduality. So, which make up you wanna choose? If you like a simple thing, you can use a natural make up. But, if you are a glamour person, and like a glamourous make up, you can get a boldy make up. Focused on lip, and eyes. And for you, guys and girls that want a natural-look, you can use an eyeliner and blush on. And for guys and girls have face skin quetly fair, you’re no need make up anymore. Cause you are beautiful without make up.

And, that’s all any reason about using make up. In our age, using make up is a new thing, my recommendation, please don’t using bold make up for your schoolar time. I can’t imagine how and what they’ll think about you. You can using a schoolar make up only. It’s eyeliner, moisterizer, sunblock, concealer and lipgloss. But in the other time we can use all of our make up stuff for practice our make up skills. And, cause some of make up stuff has an expensive price, please choose it smartly. I mean planning it before you do it. OK??????


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