How To Imitate a Person???

How to Imitate a Person Who You Admire

Edited by Lesley V., KnowItSome, Sondra C, Flickety and 11 others

Imitation isn’t only a great form of flattery. It’s also a fantastic way to inhabit someone else’s shoes and to grow your own self as a result. Imitating another person whom you admire or treat as a role model is the fastest way to learn anything. As babies it’s how we learned about the world and how to speak, walk, and interact with others.

If you treat imitation of admirable people as a learning technique throughout your life, you’ll benefit a great deal from other people’s experiences and knowledge.
1. Note the difference between imitation and slavish or mindless devotion.
2. Study the person you admire.
3. See if it is possible to meet the person if you don’t already know them.
4. Get to know the person better.
5. Be shameless in your imitation of people you admire.
6. Keep practicing until it works for you.
7. Keep it all in perspective.

hope it wiil be useful!!

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