Teentop rocking Review

[REVIEW] TEEN TOP Rocking (장난아냐) MV+Mini Album
This year is my first time waiting for Teen Top comeback (I have just become an Angel this year ㅠㅠ) and it totally worth it.
August 19.
TOPmedia released three teaser pictures of CAP, Niel, and Changjo. I wont say much about it. The Korean media mostly talk about Niel’s and Changjo’s long slender legs, which win over the girl’s legs. This is totally funny. but I personally think, their legs are beautiful too.
August 20.
TOPmedia released a teaser for Rocking (장난아냐 or literally NO JOKE), the teaser was TOTALLY NO JOKE. I mean, the fans know that they shot the MV in Hawaii–which means beach, sleeveless, sun, beautiful scenery. but no one expected the teaser would be FIGHTING SCENE. Yeah, you read it right. f.i.g.h.t.i.n.g scene, with sleeveless t-shirt, roll on the beach, dirty, and… definitely sexy… (sorry for the inappropriate word LOL, but it’s really sexy).
See the Teaser MV here:

The opening scene was totally like melancholic one, with heart-wrenching tune (thanks to Niel’s voice) and the next moment, BAM!! Two members fight each other. L.Joe versus Changjo, on the beach. Then the next scenes issued, more fighting scenes by the other members, and it was really tense! REALLY. I mean, when I watch it the first time, jaw-dropping. More melancholic scene by L.Joe and Changjo, some kind of implicitly saying that they were involved in triangle love (but why does the other members fight too? we dont know, yet). The teaser is concluded with another fighting scene. and ended by L.Joe’s voice singing ‘장난아냐’.
I was like tearing up (out of awesomeness) and obviously, instantly want more teasers!
Overall, reading those comments, ANGELs want MORE FIGHTING SCENE (sorry boys, but it’s sexy). Since the teaser didnt imply anything, we couldnt guess what kind of song it will be, melancholic one (like 니가 아니라서)? or upbeat one? TOPmedia is really no joke when it comes to surprise. REALLY.
They also released Chunji, Ricky, and L.Joe teaser pics. Nothing much except for their ‘melancholic expression’, like overload sadness…. Again, melancholic. What did they want to say??

August 21.
We hopefully waited for another mind-blowing teaser TOPmedia, but they didnt post it.
Instead, they uploaded Teen Top ON AIR. L.Joe wrote 장난아냐 on the sand.

August 22.
The second teaser. They released the second teaser, which I personally think not as mind blowing as the first teaser, but it was enough to tick our curiosity about the MV and the song. I mean, the song still consists of 장난아냐 part minus its heart-wrenching tune. It was slightly upbeat, with the preview of Teen Top dancing with the long-awaited (I’m exaggerating) freesteps. And the MV revealed a bit of their SWAGness. hahahahaha.
Okay, we would have to wait.
Watch the second teaser here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc8h8tVGvFY

August 24.
The release of the music thumbnail. Teen Top named their 4th Mini Album as Teen Top Class and they also release the HD pic of the mini album cover, which is pretty classy. 6 young men in front of a red classy car, wearing suit (and sandals, the hell is wrong with that), with Hollywood Hawaiian setting. CLASSY.
the track list:
1. Teen Top Class.
2. Rocking
3. Don’t I
4. Oh Good!
5. Date
6. Rockstar (feat Maboos)

As I really love ballad songs, I prefer Date–with its sweet feeling and easy listening tune. but then I found that the other track lists are as catchy, and make you have a feeling to dance. (I find myself sometimes dancing in my seat while listening, okay, dont mind me. NEXT!!)

The next awaited: their comeback performance with special stage. They will perform Teen Top Class, Don’t I, and Rocking. Obviously. Teen Top Class wont be like a peaceful boring class. Teen Top is all about being violent and rocking, no kidding! Talk about them, the word “violent”, “bad-ass”, “rocking” will pop into your mind.
Clear enough, this is their “CLASS”.

*talk about sexy six boys in school uniform* :p

August 26
Finally~!! the MV released.
When I first watch it, like…. I dont know the correct word for this, lemme try to describe it in this way: the moment you watch something so fast-paced that you didnt even have the time to breathe?
That is exactly what I feel.
It’s like Teen Top keep moving around, dancing, singing, and all you can do was watching them, not breathing (not literally, how are you supposed to stop breathing for 3 minutes??).
What do you call? overwhelming? engulfing? awesome?
their fast-paced dance might need more than that.

I keep replaying the song and find it catchy. Jangnan aniyeyo, jangnan aniyeyo, jangnan aniyeyo (keep echoing in my head).
When it comes to an MV, Kpop band couldnt simply dance and sing in a box. it wouldnt be that fun. It needs a concept, a plot, or a storyline. Some Kpop bands simply just sing and dance and I find it, “this MV is lacking. why bother make a music video when all you do is dance and no story at all. give us video performance then. enough.”
This MV serves enough I think. You have a story in there, L.Joe versus Changjo in love triangle, the members dance, scenes by scenes revealing. but it’s still lacking. There are still some mysteries inside it. We (rather, I) demand drama version. LOL.

Anyone, share your thought?
Keep me posted~ ^^


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