How to Drive a Teacher Crazy


It is difficult to make a teacher love you, but it is so easy to drive a teacher crazy if you follow the steps below. First of all, neither greet teacher nor answer the teacher’s greeting. Just pretend to play your cell phone or concentrate on listening you iPod when passing by a teacher. Second, always keep silent when the teacher is calling the roll, but during the class, talk as much as you can, and when the teacher speaks louder, you speak louder, if the teacher stops talking, you stop too. After that, usually the teacher will notice you and realize that you have come, if so, congratulations, he/she is on the way of crazy. However, if that still doesn’t work, try the third method: never hand in homework and always have different excuses. This is a really wonderful way to avoid doing homework if you can think up a very reasonable excuse every time. The last, also my favorite, try to answer all the questions and make sure all the answers have nothing to do with the questions at all. For example, if the teacher ask you who was the first president of USA. You may answer seriously that you think the tax should be lower or something like that. Keep doing that several times, and then the teacher is going to blow. All in all, even thought there are maybe millions of methods of making a teacher like you, however, I am sure that the four methods above can definitely drive a teacher crazy.


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