Traditional Korean Games

Traditional Korean Games can be literally translated as Jeontongnori, in Korean. Koreans enjoyed many
different games throughout korea’s long history. They played these games to communicate and spend
time with their family, friends, relatives and even neighbors. Playing these games helped create bonds betweenplayers. Today, many games are still played by Koreans and even foreigners. Most popular games are: Ganggang Sulrae, Jegichagi, Neolttwigi, Ssireum, Tuho and Yunnori.

Ganggang Sulrae


Ganggang Sulrae is a game reserved only for women. Women dance and sing a song, called Ganggang Sulrae
which is the same as the game’s name in which they hold each other’s hand in a circle. This was played especially on the traditional Korean holiday, Chuseok which is similar to Thanksgiving Day in American Culture.

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