Anti-fan EXO T_T

EXO’s anti-fan cafe has been receiving attention for its malicious posts and comments directed towards the popular boy group and their fans.

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According to an exclusive report by Sports World, the anti-fan cafe which goes by ‘Ga Mang So’ (short for ‘gayogye manghaneun sori’ which means ‘sound of K-pop’s destruction’), has been growing in number with its defamation of character towards and personal attacks against EXO. A post on the cafe gives a good idea of the anti-fan cafe’s mission which reads, “We think of our anti-fan cafe members’ relief of our feelings as first priority so feel free to insult and criticize EXO and their fans and parents without hesitation.”

EXO’s fans were previously under scrutiny following a report on their alleged petition for EXO’s exemption from military service in addition to the spread of photos online of some fans inflicting self-harm to show their devotion to EXO. In response to the fans’ reported antics, one anti-fan posted, “I fabricated those EXO’s fans’ self-harm photos, but it looks real, doesn’t it? It’s only a matter of time before those self-harm photos spread among the thousands of Ilbe users. Compliments please.”

The attacks against EXO, posted on the anti-fan cafe, leave fans wondering if SM Entertainment will take legal action against those involved.

Do you think SM should prosecute the fancafe or just take it as one of the drawbacks of popularity?

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