English Compared to Bahasa Indonesia

Similarities Between the two Languages

1. Both English and bahasa Indonesia use the same 26 letter alphabet, divided similarly between vowels and consonants. Neither language uses accent marks for any of the 26 letters.

2. The ways of arranging sentences and paragraphs are similar.

3. Both languages use similar methods of classifying word types into nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc ,

4. Both languages form words in the same way by attaching prefixes and suffixes to root words

5. Both languages have transitive & intransitive structures

6. Both languages have passive & active voices – bahasa Indonesia uses “di-” prefix to indicate the passive voice while English uses the “-ed” suffix.

7. Both languages use similar numbering systems except that bahasa Indonesia uses a decimal(dot) instead of a comma as 3 digit separator (be aware that English is inconsistent with terms for large numbers – American system and British/European system are different)

8. Both languages use similar punctuation marks such as commas, periods, parenthesis, question marks, quotation marks, hyphens, etc.

9. Symbols are nearly the same for both languages

10. Capitalization is nearly the same for both languages

11. There are many words that are identical to both languages and even more that are very similar. See our website lists – 780 identical words and 1,200 that are very similar. Most spellings for names of the world’s countries are the same or very similar in both languages.


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