EXO Fun Facts

– Kai is in his hottest state when he is sleepy.

– Sehun is the most difficult member to control.

– Kai was voted as the biggest eater. One time, Kai and his friend ate a meal for 17 people.

– Kris likes to call Chen “Chen Chen” because it is more cute. Calling him Chen feels stiff.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar)

– Chen has a phobia of public speaking.

– When Tao turns 22, he plans to be as mature as Kris.

– Kai firmly believes he can really teleport.
source: fyeahexofacts

– When Xiumin first met Luhan, Xiumin thought Luhan was Korean because his Korean was quite good. When Xiumin saw Luhan with the other Chinese members, Xiumin thought that this Korean’s Chinese was good.

– According to Kai, Sehun is the most handsome in the group. When Sehun was young he was just a cute dongsaeng but when they were training together, Kai looked at him closely and was surprised to see him so good looking.

– If EXO starred in a real variety show, Suho thinks he’d do the best because the other members are too shy.

– Suho wants to meet Lee Min Jung. Suho thinks D.O resembles her a lot.
source: Joo Young Hoon’s 2pm Date; trans cr: boony

– When EXO M does their group cheer, usually Kris’s hand is on top because he is the tallest.
source: Sina Love Chat; trans cr: boonyi91

– Luhan’s favorite Bubble Tea flavour is Taro.

– Luhan’s nickname is Marilyn Monroe. Luhan was given that nickname because in Marilyn Monroe’s Chinese name 玛丽莲•梦露 (Mali lian Meng lu), the character “meng” sounds similar to the word that means “cute/moe”, and “lu” is derived from “LUhan”.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Before debut, Chen learned Chinese for 6 Months.

– Kris believes it must be fate to meet their ideal type.
source: Sohu Live;trans cr: boonyi91

– Suho appeared on Super Junior’s Attack on the Pin Up Boys.
via: exofil

– Out of all the members, Chanyeol has the largest feet. His shoe size is 280 mm.
source: Joo Young Hoon’s 2pm Date;trans cr: boonyi

– Sehun is still surprised to see himself on TV.

– Sehun went auditioned four times over two years before becoming a trainee in his second year of middle school.
via: fyexofacts

– Sehun looks in the mirror a lot. He would look in the mirror before he goes on stage or before he meets his fans.

– Luhan’s position when playing soccer is striker.

– Xiumin wants to be a cute and charismatic dumpling.

– Luhan did not realize beef could be so expensive until he came to South Korea.
Source: Music Billboard Chart; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Tao thinks Lay looks so dazed all the time. When Tao talks to Lay, it takes a very long time for Lay to reply back.
source: Music Billboard Chart; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Xiumin did not know why people suddenly called him Baozi. Luhan explained that he was called Baozi because he was white, chewy, and cute.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Lay can change 2 or 3 clothes a day while practice because of the sweat.

– Sehun about Chanyeol: “Chanyeol is sooo talll!! But I think that’s what makes him look feminine!!”

– “I want all 12 of us to be together forever.” –Chanyeol

– When Tao is eating, he misses Sehun.
Source: Tao’s Birthday Party Audio; trans cr: boonyi91

– Kai has a lucky bracelet that his parents gave to him. When he gets really nervous, he touches it to ease his nervousness.

– Kris is close to Super Junior M’s Henry. They have similar


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