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8 Random Facts About Indonesia That Foreigners Cannot Believe Until They Come
Visiting a new country certainly brings cultural shocks to foreigners as they get acquainted with a whole new culture, environment, population and lifestyle. Ranging from mild to strong, these cultural shocks could involve discovering things like different meanings for certain actions or words, new products or practices found only in that area and other things that could add to foreign fascination. While a lot of misconceptions are removed, several perceptions are developed.
Similarly, the culture of Indonesia has its own charms to offer. Based on discussion and opinions of foreigners, some facts about Indonesia that foreigners would believe only upon visiting the country include:
Amazing Freeways of Jakarta
Freeways are elevated roads with controlled access. The government of Indonesia has been building freeways to tackle the growing traffic woes and congestion due to increasing vehicle ownership in Jakarta.
Many state those freeways are not the solution to Indonesia’s traffic woes, however, foreigners find Jakarta freeways as being much better in comparison to freeways even in first-class countries. Commuting or living in Jakarta would give you the chance to try these out.
Remains of Dutch Colonialism Heritage
Indonesia has formerly been a Dutch colony before World War II, and was known as the Dutch East Indies. Therefore, there are bound to be remains that give evidence of the past. One of these includes the Dutch cannons found in old town Jakarta.
The Indonesian Rijstttafel, rice table also brings back memories of the Dutch colony which include several side dishes in small portions served with rice. The colonial origins of this dish state that it was prepared by the Dutch in an attempt to impress visitors in its colony.
Gamelan is the traditional music ensemble found on the streets of Indonesia. More popular on the islands of Bali and Java, gamelan is widespread in the archipelago with slight variations in the each area. Featuring traditional Indonesian music, it involves playing several types of orchestras, using instruments made of bronze, iron, wood or bamboo.
Traditional Indonesians considers it sacred and believes it has supernatural powers.
Indonesia’s Blue Bird Taxi
Indonesia’s Blue Bird Taxi, a private company based in Jakarta which started off in 1972, is the largest taxi operator in Indonesia. Foreigners are pretty impressed with the taxi services offered by the group and the fare charged. However, the company has recently raised the fare which might affect the number of passengers utilizing its services and add to Blue bird Taxi issues.
Indonesia is Generally Secular
Owing to media reports, Indonesia although perceived by people in a different way, is generally secular. Only a minority in Indonesia consists of hard line Muslims, the rest of the people practice a moderate form of religion so the country is not as extreme as portrayed through the media paradigm.
‘Strange’ Fruits
Certain fruits of Indonesia make foreigners curious. These fruits seem strange as they have no name in the foreigner’s language and they never knew it existed. The Durian fruit is one of them which is known to be the king of fruits. Salak and Duku are some other examples of such “strange” fruits.
Families of 4 on a Motorcycle
Although a common sight for Indonesians, a family of four people riding a motorcycle without any helmets and at the speed of 60 mph is an odd sight for foreigners.
Horse Trekking on Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo, located in East Java, Indonesia is an active volcano. The journey to Mount Bromo for a hiking expedition is done through a horse and for many foreigners it is a unique, fun experience that they look forward to.
Depending on your country of origin and different backgrounds, the experience of cultural shocks in Indonesia can vary. If you are a nature and food lover, you have some amazing places to check out. For a foodie, Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice dish that is the world’s 2nd most beloved food as per a CNN poll and also known as national dish of Indonesia.
Along with pleasant experiences comes the experience of adverse shocks too. For Indonesia, these could include contraception ads on billboards by the government, the noise in Jakarta, the number of motorcycles found on the streets or the high usage rate of Blackberry phones among the Indonesian middle class people. Indonesia truly has a lot to explore and memories to offer
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