EXO Overdose lyric Correction

[Sehun] Come in
Warning, warning, warning, warning
[Baekhyun] Modeungeol geolgo neol deurikin nan
Ije dorikilsudo eopda
[D.O] Igeon bunmyeong wiheomhan jungdok
So bad no one can stop her

[All] Her love her love [SuHo] Ojik geugeotman bara
Geunyeoui sarang hanappuningeol
[Baekhyun] Chimyeongjeogin fantasy hwangholhan geu ane chwihae

[D.O] Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me
[Baekhyun] oh~ she hurts me
Joha deouk galmanghago isseo

[All] Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo
Sarangeun dyeong jungdok overdose
Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
Jeomjeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda
E~oh too much neoya your love igeon overdose
Too much neoya your love igeon overdose

[Baekhyun] Neoui geu geu sumgillo ono
Boineun neol galguhae jom deo
[SuHo] Gappajin sumeuro jilsikdoen hue
Jeonyul geurigo hansum

[All] Her love her love [Kai] Dokhangeot gata naegen
Heeonalsu eomneun ne sumi
[D.O] Pineun tteugeowojiji machi modu jibaehae

[Baekhyun] Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me
[D.O] Oh she hurts me~
Gyesok neoman geurigo geurinda

[All] Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo
Sarangeun dyeong jungdok overdose
Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
Jeomjeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda
E~oh too much neoya your love igeon overdose
Too much neoya your love igeon overdose

[SuHo] Modu da naege mureowa
[Baekhyun] naega byeonhangeot gatae
[SuHo] Simjangi niga bakhyeobeorindeut
[Baekhyun] Sesangi ontong neoinde
[D.O] Meomchulsu eobseo imi gadeukhan neol
[Baekhyun] Jigeum i sungan you in my heart~

[Sehun] E X O

[Chanyeol] Nan neoreul matgo tto neoreul masinda
Nae simjangi tteollyeowa gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara yeah
Sonkkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung isunganeul jaba
Jiljureul meomchuji ma neomu joha can’’t stop it
[All] Hei dakteo~ [Sehun] jigeum idaero gajinanha
Juchehalsu eomneun ikkeullime neowa naega hana
[Kai] I neukkim eobsineun jugeungeona machangajingeol
Naega saneun iyu neoraneun dalkomhame jungdok

([Kai] Someone call the doctor)

[All] Someone call the doctor nan geunyeoga piryohae
Haru botdan motjil su eobseo ([D.O] Beotiji motei)
Beoseonago sibji anneun jeongguk gateungeol
gin gin ibyeol jun dan eun nahwo
E~oh too much neoya your love igeon overdose
Too much neoya your love igeon overdose


Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Scattered across the equatorial region, Indonesia is the Southeastern country of Asia. The island nation that lies along the ‘Ring of Fire’ is ranked as the fourth most populous country in the world. Interestingly, only two-third of the islands out of the 17,508, are inhabited, and therefore the island now encompasses one of the richest biodiversities in the world. Full of life and energy, each island has its own personality, thus making the voyage across this enormous archipelago nation an impressive one. Religion plays a vital role in the life of the common Indonesian. But faith and tradition now co-exist with the bull raging rise of modernization that the country is lately going through. Stunning landscape, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage along with pleasant tropical climate has made the country one of the hot spots for tourists, Bali being one of the hot favorites. Owing to the reason that most of the archipelago remains unexplored, a treasure trove of unexplored landscape awaits a keen traveler. To know more fun and interesting facts about Indonesia, browse below.
Fast Facts
Capital: Jakarta
Largest City: Jakarta
Official Language: Indonesian
Demonym: Indonesian
Religion(s): Islam, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hindu
Independence: 17 August 1945
Area: 1,919,440 sq. km
Population: 237,424,363 (2011 estimate)
Currency: Rupiah (IDR)
National Animal: Komodo Dragon
Interesting And Fun Facts About Indonesia
o Indonesia was formerly known as Dutch East Indies.
o Evidences have revealed that around 45,000 years ago Indonesia was inhabited by Homo sapiens.
o During World War II, the Japanese invaded and occupied Indonesia.
o Indonesia comprises of 17,508 islands out of which 6,000 of these islands are inhabited.
o Being close to the equator, Indonesia experiences tropical climate year round and its average temperature does not fluctuate much throughout the year. Average range of the temperature remains between 26-30 degrees Celsius.
o A rich variety of flora and fauna inhabit Indonesia. The country is second after Brazil with the highest level of biodiversity in the world.
o There are about 300,000 soldiers in the Indonesian Army, Navy, and Air Force.
o About half the population of Indonesia lives on less than US$2 per day and the unemployment rate here is almost 10%.
o Despite family planning programs, the population of Indonesia is increasing at faster pace and it is expected to rise to 315 million by 2035.
o Indonesia is the Muslim majority country with 87% of people following Islam while 9% follow Christianity.
o Indonesian cooking mostly uses ingredients like spices (especially chili), coconut milk, fish, and chicken.
o Two sports that are the most popular among Indonesians are badminton and soccer. Illegal gambling of sports is on the rise in the country.
o Out of the ten largest islands in the world, three are located in Indonesia.
o In terms of population, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world.
o Indonesia is among the largest producers of nutmeg in the world. Nutmeg is native to Indonesia’s Banda islands.
o ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the national motto of Indonesia.
o The five major islands of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya.
o Indonesia is home to some of the rarest creatures in the world that include small deer, fish that climbs trees to catch insects and spiders that built giant webs to catch small birds as preys.
o The Indonesian archipelago is spread over the ‘Ring of Fire’ that is situated in the Western Pacific. The country has over 400 active volcanoes and records at least 3 earthquakes per day.
o The Java Island in Indonesia is one of the first places in the world where ape-man lived.
o Another early human being, Homo floresiensis (“Flores Man”, nicknamed “hobbit” and “Flo”) is the possible species, now extinct, in the genus Homo. The remains were discovered in 2003 on the island of Flores in Indonesia.
o Puncak Jaya is the highest point in Indonesia, situated in the highlands of Papua.
o Borneo and New Guinea are among the largest islands in the world.
o ‘The Sangiran Early Man Site’ is a unique World Heritage Site of Indonesia. The place is home to half of the world’s hominid fossils found.
o One of the first Europeans to have set foot in Indonesia was Marco Polo.
o Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, is an endemic species of Indonesia; the creature is also the national animal of the country.
o In terms of endemic species Indonesia stands second after Australia with 36% of bird species and 39% of mammal species being endemic.
o The Indonesian archipelago is divided into Greater Sunda Islands, Smaller Sunda Islands, and East Indonesia.
o Indonesia is a republic, where the representatives of the parliament as well as the president are elected.
o Sumatra is the biggest island of Indonesia, which comes under the Greater Sunda Islands. It is also the sixth largest and the fifth highest island in the whole world.
o Indonesia is a very diverse country in terms of culture and around 580 languages and dialects are spoken in the country.
o The total land area of Indonesia places it at the 15th position in the world.
o Tourism is the main industry of Indonesia. The country attracts hordes of tourists and nature lovers from all across the globe for its pristine tropical forest and culture of the people.
o According to the 2009 estimates, Japan, Singapore, the United States, and China are the main export markets of Indonesia.
o The Indonesian industry mainly imports chemicals, fuels, food-stuffs, and machinery and equipments while electrical appliances, rubber, plywood, oil and gas, and textile are the main export products here.
o The Javan rhinoceros is another species that is unique to Indonesia.
o Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and it is the 13th largest city in the world.
o The flag of Indonesia is similar to the flag of Monaco. Like the Indonesian flag, the flag of Monaco also has two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white.
o As the founding member of ASEAN and East Asia Summit, Indonesia maintains friendly and close relationships with its neighboring countries.
o Indonesia became the member of the United Nations in the year 1950 and today it is the signatory to the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, the Cairns group, and the WTO.
o The island country has also been a member of OPEC but it quit in 2008 as it no longer remained the exporter of oil.
o Almost 60% of the country is covered with forests.
o Indonesia has been ranked third in terms of the emitter of greenhouse gases.

INDONESIA ,..Awesome 3

Indonesia is an exceptionally interesting country, due to its size, ethnic diversity and rich history.
Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Indonesia along with some ideas of what to see.
1. Indonesia is huge
Indonesia is a massive country. Flying from one end to the other, from North Sumatra to West Papua, takes over twelve hours of flying time. Indonesia is an archipelago of around 17,508 islands with a land area of 1,919,440 square kilometers. To put this into perspective, theUK has a land area of 244,820 square kilometers, while theUS covers 9,629,091 square kilometers.
2. The equator divides it
The equator cuts straight across the middle of Indonesia, crossing Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesiand various smaller islands. If you’re in the area, consider visiting the equator line for some cheesy, but irresistible photos.
3. 150 volcanoes
Situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesiais home to numerous volcanoes, an estimated 150 volcanoes throughout the entire country. In general they are not a threat, and many volcanic areas make great tourist attractions likeMountBromo, East Java, or Tangkuban Perahu,West Java. There can, however, be eruptions and visitors should check whether it is safe before setting off to a volcanic area.
4. Vast tropical rainforests
Head away from the densely populated islands of Java and Bali to find vast areas of tropical rainforest, which support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity (afterBrazil). Natural resources are abundant inIndonesia but the sustainable use of these is often blighted by problems with corruption and poverty. Guided treks are available in the jungles of Kalimantan andSumatra, among other islands.
5. 238 million people
Indonesiais the forth most populous country in the world with over 238 million people and the world’s largest Muslim population, though some areas have Hindu or Christian majorities. Java is the world’s most populous island.
6. Religion matters
Religion is important in Indonesia, where every citizen must officially subscribe to one of six recognized religions, regardless of their actual religious practices. Two individuals of different religions may not marry, unless they convert so that they share a religion.
7. Extremely culturally diverse
There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, each with their own customs and traditions. This makes Indonesia extremely culturally diverse. Why not watch some performing arts or buy some locally produced handicrafts while you’re there?
8. Bi- and multi-lingual
Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the national language of Indonesia, used in schools and other state-run enterprises, as well as in the media. However, Indonesiah as over 700 indigenous languages, meaning that many Indonesians are bilingual, speaking their indigenous language at home and Indonesian at work or school.
History and politics
9. Oldest remains
Fossilised remains of “Java man” or Homo erectus, have been found at sites across Java, suggesting that the area was inhabited two million to 500,000 years ago. You can see the fossils at Sangiran, near Surakarta in Central Java.
10. Independence Day
Indonesia, a republic with a president, has been independent since 1945. Independence Day is celebrated on 17th August every year, with flag-raising ceremonies, neighborhoods competitions and games for children. If you’re in Indonesia in August, find out what will be happening where you are staying.

Ryeowook Super Junior facts


1. 김려욱 adalah Hangeul untuk Kim Ryeowook.
2. Lahir pada tanggal 21 Juni 1987. Tingginya 173. Golongan darah O.
3. Ryeowook dan Sungmin pernah datang ke acara radio Kangin. Sepanjang acara Ryeowook hanya diam saja. Ketika ditanya kenapa, dia menjawab “ Aku kira acara ini terbuka untuk Fans, jadi aku menata rambutku. Ternyata Fans tidak boleh masuk dan melihat”. Ketika semua orang mendengarnya, mereka tertawa begitu keras sampai mereka hampir menangis. *emangnya sukira*
4. Sebelum gabung dengan Suju, bakat nyanyi Ryeowook ditemui di Chin Chin Singing Competition tahun 2004 dan menempati posisi juara 3.
5. Ryeowook yang merupakan salah satu dari 4 lead vocal ini punya suara yang emank bener-bener beda dari member Suju yang lain. Karena itulah di beberapa forum Ryeowook dijuluki sang “ Angel Voice “. Dan berdasarkan sebuah polling, katanya Oppa mempunyai suara terbagus ke-3 di Korea.
6. Ryeowook itu punya hobby masak, saking hobinya Oppa mau disuruh masak apapun. Kalau tidak tahu resepnya, maka Ryeowook bela belain cari resepnya di Internet. Sampai sampai ibunya bilang “Kau disana Untuk Menyanyi, bukan Untuk memasak”.
7. Donghae lah yang paling sering ngebangunin Ryeowook buat dibikinin makanan. Kalau Donghae harus pergi pagi-pagi Ryeowook juga yang selalu bikin sarapan buat Oppa.
8. Ryeowook suka kalau dikasih sample makeup gratis.
9. Ryeowook itu tidak pernah lepas dari make up, Dalam kamus Ryeowook tertulis “Kemana mana harus memakai makeup”.
10. Ryeowook punya tai lalat di pipi kiri *kalau tidak pakai make up kliatan jelas!!*
11. Kalau Ryeowook pake Makeup orangtuanya tidak mengenali Ryeowook.
12. Ryeowook mudah sekali menangis.
13. Ryeowook pintar bermain piano.
14. Entah kenapa setiap disuruh bermain piano didepan umum, sering sekali yang dimainkan backsoundnya Mario bros.
15. Dulu Ryeowook pernah kehilangan sepatu sebelah kanannya saat perform Miracle.
16. Ryeowook jarang membeli celana jeans baru.
17. Ryeowook pernah membeli Jeans baru, setelah Oppa pakai, Oppa tidak pernah mencucinya lagi.
18. Ryeowook menulis Kangin and Yesung′s radio logo songs.
19. Ryeowook No.4 dalam urutan peminum di antara 13 personil super junior.
20. Ryeowook selalu Membawa ponsel dan dompet.
21. Ryeowook suka memakai piyama sutra.
22. Ryeowook tidak bisa tidur tanpa piyama sutranya.
23. Ryeowook suka es krim dan coklat.
24. Ryeowook suka manis manis terutama Strawberry dan Coklat.
25. Ryeowook tidak pernah bawa payung.
26. Ryeowook pernah nyium tangannya Yesung.
27. Diantara kedua member SUJU K.R.Y dia paling deket sama Yesung.
28. Ada salah satu member yang nanya ke Ryewook kok dia bisa betah tinggal sama Yesung. Secara Yesung itu orangnya aneh.
29. Henry itu member yang paling jorok di SUJU M dikamarnya yang berantakan sering ditemukan bungkus makanan sampe- sampe uang dibawah bantal. Suatu hari waktu Henry dapet giliran bersih- bersih, dia ketiduran. Nah waktu nagun ruangan udah bersih. Ternyata yang beresin semuanya itu Ryeowook.
30. Ryeowook sangat takut kepada anjing besar, tapi dia sangat menyayangi Ddabongnya.
31. Dulu Ryeowook pernah ngadopsi anjing bernama Ddabong. Anjing itu kondisinya lemah jadi Ryeowook mesti ekstra dalam merawat Ddabong. Tapi sayangnya, tidak lama setelah Oppa ngadopsi Ddabong, tiba-tiba Ddabong sakit dan meninggal setelah dibawa ke rumah sakit. Ryeowook bener-bener shock banget dan tidak bisa bilang apa-apa lagi waktu tahu Ddabong meninggal .
32. Ryeowook menyimpan boneka Winnie The Poohnya di kasurnya.
33. Ciuman pertama Ryeowook saat Oppa berumur 7 tahun.
34. Ryeowook bisa tidur 18 jam sehari.
35. Ryeowook hobi buat komposisi lagu. Oppa pernah buat komposisi buat acara Yesung dan Kangin.
36. Ryeowook pernah marah banget sama Donghae yang pinjam komputernya sampai rusak dan semua data dan komposisi lagu yang dibuatnya jadi hilang.
37. Saat masih sekolah seharusnya Ryeowook adalah Pemimpin Orchestra.
38. Kabarnya Ryeowook ini pernah membuatkan lagu untuk Yoona SNSD.
39. Ryeowook itu jail.
a. Suatu hari dia masuk ke kamar Eunhyuk dan bertanya apa kucingnya Heechul dari lantai 11 masuk ke kamar mereka di lantai 12. Sambil membawa plastik berisi kotoran kucing Ryeowook bilang, “Terus ini apaan? Pasti kucing itu kesini!” Eunhyuk menyuruh Ryeowook segera membuangnya. Dengan cueknya kotoran itu dijatuhkan ke tempat tidur. Otomatis Eunhyuk marah-marah. Setelah dilihat-lihat lagi, itu cuma kotoran mainan!
b. Leeteuk juga pernah jadi korban. Ryeowook meletakan kotoran mainan itu ditangan Leeteuk yang tidur. Oh ya, kotoran itu juga ditaruh Ryeowook di atas televisi dan sulit dilepas. Leeteuk harus memakai pulpen untuk mencongkelnya.
c. Korban kejailan Ryeowook yang lain adalah manajer dan Eunhyuk. Ryeowook tiba-tiba bilang ke para manajer Suju, “Eunhyuk hyung lagi gila. Dia bawa cewek ke kamarnya !” Di depan pintu kamar Eunhyuk ada sepatu cewek dan kedengaran suara cewek ngobrol. Segera para manajer bikin rapat kecil sebelum ngomongin ke Eunhyuk. Begitu sampai di kamar Eunhyuk dan diikuti oleh anggota Suju yang lain, ternyata cewek yang ada di kamar Eunhyuk itu adalah Ibunya !
40. Ryeowook pernah berkata : Ketika kami pergi ke China, penggemar akan selalu mengangkat poster besar. Selalu ada SJ di salah satunya. Ketika aku melihat poster tersebut, aku akan mulai menghitung member kami, dari 1 sampai 13. Ketika aku mencapai angka 13, itu terasa seperti semua member bersama kembali. Aku selalu percaya, menjadi terpisah itu hanya masalah waktu. Kami pasti akan kembali dan berada disisi mereka lagi.
41. Ryeowook takut datang ke rumah sakit.
42. Ryeowook adalah sosok ‘Ibu’ di SJ.
43. Ryeowook pernah merasakan ada hantu di pundaknya.
44. Ryeowook paling suka menonton ‘Winnie The Pooh’ dan dia a paling menyukai Christopher Robin, karena menurut Ryeowook, Robin dan dia mirip.
45. Tipe wanita ideal Ryeowook adalah gadis yang bisa menyanyi dan punya leher yang indah.
46. Dulu saat masih sekolah Ryeowook sangat Chubby/gendut, dulu beratnya mencapai 80kg dan akhirnya dengan susah payah dia berhasil menurunkan berat badannya sampai 25 kg.
47. Kangin pernah berkata kepada member Suju lain “Ryewook memang tidak bersalah, TETAPI DIA BENAR BENAR KURANG AJAR!!!!!”
48. Kalo Ryeowook udah mabuk, pasti dia langsung ngomong ke semua member “Aku minta maaf atas semua kesalahanku selama ini, aku mencintai kalian” dan mulai menangis.
49. Ryeowook adalah Dongsaeng favorit Donghae.
50. Ryeowook pernah bilang ke Donghae “Hyung, kalau kau lapar kapanpun aku akan memasakkan makanan untukmu”.
51. Suatu saat Donghae pulang larut malam, dan langsung membangunkan Ryeowook untuk dibuatkan makanan, spontan Ryeowook agak kesal, lalu Donghae berbicara “Kalau kau tidak mau membuatkan makanan untukku, aku tidak akan memintamu membuatkan makanan lagi untukku”, lalu Ryeowook langsung bangun dan membuatkan Donghae makanan.
52. Saking keibuannya dia pernah menyuapi Donghae sewaktu sakit. Selain itu masih soal makan. Kalau jam makan tiba dia selalu memanggil member- member lain untuk makan.
53. Ryeowook adalah fans berat SNSD.
54. Ryeowook adalah anggota ‘terliar’ setelah Kangin.
55. Menurut anggota SJ lain, Ryeowook adalah anggota SJ yang paling sial.
56. Ryeowook sering berbicara tentang apa yang dia makan hari ini.
57. Ryeowook bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris yang `ancur`.
58. Ryeowook pernah dibentak Sungmin karena seharian Ryeowook hanya diam.
59. Dulu Chang Min pernah bingung dengan keakraban Yesung dan Ryeowook yang terlalu dekat.
60. Bagian Favorit Ryeowook di MV SNSD adalah ketika SNSD melakukan tarian tendangan.
61. Nama Inggris Ryeowook adalah Nathan Kim.
62. Kalo SJ lagi pada makan buah, pasti buahnya sudah terkupas, Karena Ryeowook yang ngupasin semuanya.
63. Ryeowook pengen punya sifat seperti Kyuhyun.
64. Ryeowook adalah salah satu member SJ yang suka jalan jalan. Jadi kalau Sudah dilepas di Jalan raya pasti susah dicari, dan tidak tahu kemana dia pergi.
65. Ryeowook termasuk member yang sulit di kenali keberadaannya.
66. Ryeowook pernah memanggil Eunhyuk dengan kata berengsek, dan akhirnya mengatakan “saranghae hyung” sebagai permintaan maaf.
67. Ryeowook itu orangnya ramah. Makannya hampir disetiap tulisan yang ia buat ada karakter.
68. Serial tv favoritnya Prison Break.
69.Saat SJ promosi Album Sorry2 di China, Ryowook bilang dia ingin nyiptain lagu buat Taeyeon.
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INDONESIA….Awesome 2

8 Random Facts About Indonesia That Foreigners Cannot Believe Until They Come
Visiting a new country certainly brings cultural shocks to foreigners as they get acquainted with a whole new culture, environment, population and lifestyle. Ranging from mild to strong, these cultural shocks could involve discovering things like different meanings for certain actions or words, new products or practices found only in that area and other things that could add to foreign fascination. While a lot of misconceptions are removed, several perceptions are developed.
Similarly, the culture of Indonesia has its own charms to offer. Based on discussion and opinions of foreigners, some facts about Indonesia that foreigners would believe only upon visiting the country include:
Amazing Freeways of Jakarta
Freeways are elevated roads with controlled access. The government of Indonesia has been building freeways to tackle the growing traffic woes and congestion due to increasing vehicle ownership in Jakarta.
Many state those freeways are not the solution to Indonesia’s traffic woes, however, foreigners find Jakarta freeways as being much better in comparison to freeways even in first-class countries. Commuting or living in Jakarta would give you the chance to try these out.
Remains of Dutch Colonialism Heritage
Indonesia has formerly been a Dutch colony before World War II, and was known as the Dutch East Indies. Therefore, there are bound to be remains that give evidence of the past. One of these includes the Dutch cannons found in old town Jakarta.
The Indonesian Rijstttafel, rice table also brings back memories of the Dutch colony which include several side dishes in small portions served with rice. The colonial origins of this dish state that it was prepared by the Dutch in an attempt to impress visitors in its colony.
Gamelan is the traditional music ensemble found on the streets of Indonesia. More popular on the islands of Bali and Java, gamelan is widespread in the archipelago with slight variations in the each area. Featuring traditional Indonesian music, it involves playing several types of orchestras, using instruments made of bronze, iron, wood or bamboo.
Traditional Indonesians considers it sacred and believes it has supernatural powers.
Indonesia’s Blue Bird Taxi
Indonesia’s Blue Bird Taxi, a private company based in Jakarta which started off in 1972, is the largest taxi operator in Indonesia. Foreigners are pretty impressed with the taxi services offered by the group and the fare charged. However, the company has recently raised the fare which might affect the number of passengers utilizing its services and add to Blue bird Taxi issues.
Indonesia is Generally Secular
Owing to media reports, Indonesia although perceived by people in a different way, is generally secular. Only a minority in Indonesia consists of hard line Muslims, the rest of the people practice a moderate form of religion so the country is not as extreme as portrayed through the media paradigm.
‘Strange’ Fruits
Certain fruits of Indonesia make foreigners curious. These fruits seem strange as they have no name in the foreigner’s language and they never knew it existed. The Durian fruit is one of them which is known to be the king of fruits. Salak and Duku are some other examples of such “strange” fruits.
Families of 4 on a Motorcycle
Although a common sight for Indonesians, a family of four people riding a motorcycle without any helmets and at the speed of 60 mph is an odd sight for foreigners.
Horse Trekking on Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo, located in East Java, Indonesia is an active volcano. The journey to Mount Bromo for a hiking expedition is done through a horse and for many foreigners it is a unique, fun experience that they look forward to.
Depending on your country of origin and different backgrounds, the experience of cultural shocks in Indonesia can vary. If you are a nature and food lover, you have some amazing places to check out. For a foodie, Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice dish that is the world’s 2nd most beloved food as per a CNN poll and also known as national dish of Indonesia.
Along with pleasant experiences comes the experience of adverse shocks too. For Indonesia, these could include contraception ads on billboards by the government, the noise in Jakarta, the number of motorcycles found on the streets or the high usage rate of Blackberry phones among the Indonesian middle class people. Indonesia truly has a lot to explore and memories to offer
Global Indonesian Voices
Global Indonesian Voices (GIV) is Indonesia’s first independent online media, established for ‘Connecting Indonesia to the World‘ by publishing independent news and stories written by and for Indonesians and Indonesia-philes all around the world.

EXO Fun Facts

– Kai is in his hottest state when he is sleepy.

– Sehun is the most difficult member to control.

– Kai was voted as the biggest eater. One time, Kai and his friend ate a meal for 17 people.

– Kris likes to call Chen “Chen Chen” because it is more cute. Calling him Chen feels stiff.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar)

– Chen has a phobia of public speaking.

– When Tao turns 22, he plans to be as mature as Kris.

– Kai firmly believes he can really teleport.
source: fyeahexofacts

– When Xiumin first met Luhan, Xiumin thought Luhan was Korean because his Korean was quite good. When Xiumin saw Luhan with the other Chinese members, Xiumin thought that this Korean’s Chinese was good.

– According to Kai, Sehun is the most handsome in the group. When Sehun was young he was just a cute dongsaeng but when they were training together, Kai looked at him closely and was surprised to see him so good looking.

– If EXO starred in a real variety show, Suho thinks he’d do the best because the other members are too shy.

– Suho wants to meet Lee Min Jung. Suho thinks D.O resembles her a lot.
source: Joo Young Hoon’s 2pm Date; trans cr: boony

– When EXO M does their group cheer, usually Kris’s hand is on top because he is the tallest.
source: Sina Love Chat; trans cr: boonyi91

– Luhan’s favorite Bubble Tea flavour is Taro.

– Luhan’s nickname is Marilyn Monroe. Luhan was given that nickname because in Marilyn Monroe’s Chinese name 玛丽莲•梦露 (Mali lian Meng lu), the character “meng” sounds similar to the word that means “cute/moe”, and “lu” is derived from “LUhan”.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Before debut, Chen learned Chinese for 6 Months.

– Kris believes it must be fate to meet their ideal type.
source: Sohu Live;trans cr: boonyi91

– Suho appeared on Super Junior’s Attack on the Pin Up Boys.
via: exofil

– Out of all the members, Chanyeol has the largest feet. His shoe size is 280 mm.
source: Joo Young Hoon’s 2pm Date;trans cr: boonyi

– Sehun is still surprised to see himself on TV.

– Sehun went auditioned four times over two years before becoming a trainee in his second year of middle school.
via: fyexofacts

– Sehun looks in the mirror a lot. He would look in the mirror before he goes on stage or before he meets his fans.

– Luhan’s position when playing soccer is striker.

– Xiumin wants to be a cute and charismatic dumpling.

– Luhan did not realize beef could be so expensive until he came to South Korea.
Source: Music Billboard Chart; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Tao thinks Lay looks so dazed all the time. When Tao talks to Lay, it takes a very long time for Lay to reply back.
source: Music Billboard Chart; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Xiumin did not know why people suddenly called him Baozi. Luhan explained that he was called Baozi because he was white, chewy, and cute.
source: Youku; trans cr: WISHeeStar

– Lay can change 2 or 3 clothes a day while practice because of the sweat.

– Sehun about Chanyeol: “Chanyeol is sooo talll!! But I think that’s what makes him look feminine!!”

– “I want all 12 of us to be together forever.” –Chanyeol

– When Tao is eating, he misses Sehun.
Source: Tao’s Birthday Party Audio; trans cr: boonyi91

– Kai has a lucky bracelet that his parents gave to him. When he gets really nervous, he touches it to ease his nervousness.

– Kris is close to Super Junior M’s Henry. They have similar

Alasan Suka Sama Kpop

1. Kebawa Temen
Awalnya tuh gara gara Airly! Dia sering banget nyeritain tentang K-Pop gitu, apalagi Super Junior. Mulai dari membernya, lagunya, dancenya, sampe hal hal unik dari mereka juga diceritain sama dia wkwk. Setiap hari pasti ngomonginnya tentang K-Pop, nah dari situ deh gua mulai penasaran sebenernya K-Pop itu kaya gimana sih. Daaaan, keterusan sampe sekarang. Malah jadi suka banget sama K-Pop 😉

2. Mereka Memiliki Wajah Dan Penampilan Yang Eye Cathing
Jujur gua suka K-Pop Idol itu ya selain karena suara dan dance yang mereka punya, tapi karena wajah dan penampilan mereka juga hehe

3. Sistem Training Sebelum Debut
Para member Boyband dan Girlband Korea harus melewati masa trainee sebelum debut, ini membuat mereka tampil sempurna saat debut. Dalam masa trainee, mereka dilatih vokal, dance, akting, untuk bisa menjadi entertainer dan bisa merambah ke bidang lain. Dan ternyata ga segampang ituloh mereka bisa debut, mereka harus melalui masa trainee tersebut dalam waktu yang ga sebentar bahkan ada yang sampe 7 tahun gitu. Bener bener pekerja keras ya mereka. Dan ini juga salah satu alasan kenapa gua suka K-Pop, mereka ga asal debut, tapi mereka bener bener nyiapin semuanya dengan sempurna.

4. Mereka Memiliki Suara Dan Teknik Dance Yang Bagus
Suara yang bagus ditambah tenik dance yang memukau, tambah sempurna aja nih penampilan panggung mereka. Saking kerennya mereka, gua kadang suka cengo ngeliatnya, sampe sampe didalem hati bilang “ko keren sih” haha

5. Lagunya Enak, Easy Listening, Dan Liriknya Memiliki Arti Yang Bagus
Ini udah pasti, ga usah ditanya lagi wkwk

6. Multitalented
Tidak hanya suara dan kemampuan dance yang mereka punya, mereka juga bisa akting dan MC. Bahkan merekeka juga ada yang menjadi MC, Variety Show, DJ Radio, pengisi OST drama, composer lagu, sampai membintangin drama korea juga. Keren kan 😀

7. Kompak, Satu Sama Lain
Kadang suka terharu ngeliat kekompakan mereka :’)

8. Style Fashion
Style fashion merek keren, modis, dan rata rata menjadi panutan dalam dunia fashion. Salut!

9. Kreatif
Mereka memiliki konsep yang berbeda untuk setiap lagu, perform, dan mv.

10. Punya Lightstick Dan Official Color Sendiri

11. Suka Mengadakan Konser Internasional
Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa mereka memiliki popularitas tinggi 😀

12. Cover Design Albumnya Keren Dan Inovatif